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Name:Hokuto Sumeragi
Birthdate:Feb 4

Hokuto Sumeragi ✿ Tokyo Babylon

Aliases: Hokuto, Hoku-chan
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Languages: Japanese, English
Heritage: Japanese
Occupation: Student, Designer
Description: Much like the clothing that she wears and designs, Hokuto has a very bold, essentric and varied personality. Hokuto is an effective foil for Subaru in the fact that to offset his shy and often timid personality she is usually bubbly, loud and energetic. She does not hesitate to speak her mind, often saying whatever she is thinking about or voicing her opinion without hesitation or thought, and usually with a smile. This energy shines through even more usually when she is designing outfits for herself and Subaru and is displayed clearly in her smile which she often greets the world with. Often her devotion to fashion and her appearance can make her sound slightly vain, but Love and friendship are the most important things to her, but she's also a material girl who likes to splash her cash.

Even with the hyperactive and bubbly personality, Hakuto also has a deeper kindness similar to that of Subaru and is considerate and compassionate about others. Often revealing a serious side and depth when the situation merits it; such as when she came to a girl's rescue in "Annex: Smile". Helping the woman escape from police, and reassuring her that she was not a gaijin (an outsider/foreigner), Hokuto offered to be the woman’s friend and urged her to find her smile again. Her basic belief is that it is natural for all humans to help one another when they are in trouble. She made her feelings clear on the issue, and will speak without reservations against anything she sees to be unjust.

Hokuto though is first and foremost a mother hen towards Subaru. She often makes outfits for the two of them and dresses her twin, while at the same time insisting that he eat and take care of himself. Light heartedly she bugs Subaru about being too polite as well as teasing him about the romance between her twin and Seishirou. Though deeper down she also wants to push him to follow his own dreams and desires rather than always giving everything up for the sake of being an Onmyōji or for their grandmother. This is the reason why she pushed so much for Subaru to recognize his feelings towards Seishirou, because she wanted something that meant enough to him that he would pursue it with all of his heart and not be able to give it up like he did the dream of become a zoo keeper. She loves her brother and would do anything to keep him safe and to keep him from hurting so long as she was capable; going so far as to sacrifice her own life in order to try and protect Subaru and bring him back from his comatose state.

Despite her love for her brother though and how close they are, she recognizes the need for them to identify themselves as two separate people and to respect one another.

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